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The Brighton-based book blog, Book After Book, has asked me some interesting questions about the writing of Out of Sight. You can read my answers here.

The Brighton connection is apt, since much of the novel takes place in and around the town. I never consciously plan to place my characters beside the sea – I’m setting my next novel on a different coastline – but they seem to belong there partly because of the sea’s drama and frequent beauty, and partly because it’s always such a potent reminder of the risks and submerged dangers waiting to catch us when we least expect – though in fact the sea plays no part in the book’s tragedy.

The chilly opening credits of Robert Redford’s directorial debut, Ordinary People, also exploits these liminal fears, contrasting choppy, grey lake water with the immaculately mown borders of a tree-lined residential street. A brilliantly written film.

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2 thoughts on “In conversation with …

  1. Sophia Tobin says:

    Isabelle, you probably won’t remember me – we met a few years ago when I worked for Geoffrey Munn – but I just wanted to say many congratulations on the publication of Out of Sight. I’m really looking forward to reading it and I’m about to recommend it to my book club.

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