Isabelle Grey Agent: I am with Sheila Crowley at Curtis Brown

Translation rights: Katie McGowan at Curtis Brown

My publisher is Quercus Books

Find me on Twitter – @IsabelleGrey

Start reading now – Out of Sight, The Bad Mother, Good Girls Don’t Die, Shot Through The Heart, The Special GirlsWrong Way Home

17 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Bill Pratt says:

    I fell across”Accused” last night and an old cynic was searching his pocket at the finale.
    You have excelled yourself and I now understand what vicarious pleasure means!
    Love and best wishes

  2. deborah says:


    Started reading The Bad Mother and it’s brilliant i love it, can’t wait to get your next book out 🙂

  3. john obetson says:

    Watched the Ghengis Khan documentary and really enjoyed it ,well done
    John Robertson

  4. tspenceruk says:

    Hi, I just watched Ghengis Khan, which was absolutely fascinating, and brilliantly written, but very, very different from the other novels etc. that you have written. Was that a very difficult job for you? I am an aspiring-to-be-published writer, and if there is any chance you might respond to this, I’d be really interested to know how long GK took to research and write, what was the process you went through, did you visit Mongolia, and how did you get that job? I’d really appreciate any insight you can provide.

    Many thanks,

    Tony Spencer

    • Thank you, I’m delighted that you enjoyed it.

      I was commissioned by BBC History to write the script, as they wanted a drama writer. I did a lot of reading, all prepared by the BBC researcher who was also on hand to hunt down answers to any additional questions. It was huge fun to write something so different, though sadly I didn’t get to go to Mongolia. I think it took a few months, as they were working to tight deadlines. The real credit belongs to the producer and director, Ed Bazalgette.

  5. Girl says:

    I am currently reading Good Girls Don’t Die and I am enjoying it immensely. I read it everyday to and from university and I am hooked. I have changed my mind about the suspects and the victims so many times which I really like. You’ve mentioned Grace Fisher will be in more of your novels, when will the next book be available for purchase as I would buy it there and then. I picked up your book just wanting to get myself back into loving reading, using whatever little time I had to put myself into another world. Despite that being fulfilled, I have become hooked to your writing style and lovable characters who can change a story instantly. Hopefully, you will read this and despite having probably many sending you messages see that I truly have enjoyed your story and that’s something I find hard to do of recent times. Thank you. Hopefully, I will raving about the next book soon!

  6. Lesley says:

    Please please when will new Grace Fisher be published? Loved the first one. Thank you.

  7. Trish Brackley says:

    Isabelle, so enjoyed the event at Maldon Library last night. You made it an interesting an inspiring time, so glad you could be there, hope you enjoyed your time with us. I have to confess that you were a new author for me, this is one problem of libraries splitting into different types of books. You are now on order from my library and as its my bookgroup today I will be suggesting we make one of your books a new one to read. I can also see that you have a lot of people looking forward to what comes next. Thank you.

  8. Angela Jervis says:

    Hi Isabelle,Have just discovered your Grace Fisher books.I am intrigued by your extensive knowledge of Colchester !!!Enjoying ‘pinning down ‘locations.Also enjoying Shot through the heart.Intriguing story,& ex cellent descriptive location writing.Enjoying playing detective .

  9. SF Formi says:

    Just finished the latest Grace Fisher.The Special Girls is another great read in this series. It keeps hold of you right to the end. The level of detail in terms of police procedure and corporate behaviour is impressive, as are the insights into what it is like for the families of young people with eating disorders.

    Grace Fisher, Ivo Sweatman – unlikely collaborators, but it works – really enjoyed it.

  10. Anton Prins says:

    Hello – I would truly love to find .pdf versions of your books for my daughter – she is visually impaired, but her computer can read the .pdf files for her. I have tried all the usual routes – have you any suggestions? Specifically Good Girls Don’t Die.


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