Wrong Way Home  A Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month: “Grey is one of the most intelligent authors of contemporary crime fiction … a sympathetic, suspense-packed novel.” The Sunday Times

“…keeps readers pleasurably perplexed.” The Guardian

“…excellent; Isabelle Grey is an elegant writer, a careful plotter, and Fisher is a sympathetic, unexaggerated detective who cares.” The Times

“Grey … knows exactly how to pace a scene – and to deliver a good read.” The Literary Review

“a fast-paced, clever story with dark twists” Candis Magazine

“Isabelle Grey has plotted superbly” Cleopatra Loves Books

“I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough” Over The Rainbow Book Blog

“a fine example of great British crime fiction” The Literary Shed

A “dark and intense story where everyone is a suspect” Handwritten Girl

“highly addictive … a really really great story told wonderfully well” LizLovesBooks

“Absolutely gripping, great storytelling and a tremendous read … a sure-fire winner” LiveAndDeadly

“Grey’s research is impressive… the novel builds to a climax of intense suffering on many layers, which are all the more troubling because they are rooted in reality.” BookOxygen

“It would seem the truth is finally about to be revealed. Then the novel takes a HUGE twist!” Anne Bonny Books


Special Girls_HB.indd

” … a brave and harrowing novel.” The Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month.

“There is plenty of suspense and gripping, instructive writing about real people facing impossible, often tragic predicaments. This is an excellent crime novel, warmly recommended.” The Literary Review

“… offers a penetrating analysis of Stockholm syndrome in a book with a notably filmic sensibility.” The Guardian

‘… an absorbing and impressive novel.” N.J. Cooper, BookOxygen

“There were moments while I read this book that I caught glimpses of Ruth Rendell’s Wexford novels from the 80’s and 90’s. I do not say this lightly as Rendell is my icon and in my book no-one comes close, but here and there, Grey made me feel as though this is the sort of book Rendell could have produced. For me, this is the highest praise I can deliver.
I am willing to bet that when you finish this book, you will be going back and tracking down the previous two Fisher books. For me, ‘The Special Girls’ is the standout crime novel so far of 2017.”

“This was addictive reading with a tough emotional edge and realistic twists of fate.” LizLovesBooks


untitled“Isabelle Grey has already distinguished herself with a series of police procedurals that combines attention to detail with compassionate intelligence. … Female detectives often feel isolated in crime fiction, but Grey’s latest novel looks beyond sexism to a toxic male culture that has existed for decades.” The Sunday Times

“Full of well-handled forensics and the brooding atmosphere of the Essex coast, this is an impressive second episode in a very promising series.” Mail on Sunday

“… this is an unusual police procedural. It is beautifully written, full of interesting insights, and atmospherically set …” The Literary Review

“…Shot Through the Heart demonstrates that Isabelle Grey has all the command as a crime novelist that she has channelled as a television writer.” The Independent

“Isabelle Grey … explores the dangerous consequences of vengeance and tribal loyalties … As always, Grey’s research is impeccable, her writing is crisp, and her understanding of human distress adds depth to an excellent police procedural.” BookOxygen

“… an atmospheric and intense book that is packed with complex characters and clever plot twists that leaves the reader bursting for more.” Handwritten Girl

“… the best procedural thriller I’ve had the pleasure to read in ages …We also see the police at their best – and worst.” Crime Review


GOOD GIRLS 1“This fast-moving novel combines clever plot twists with a surprising delicacy of feeling.” The Sunday Times

Good Girls Don’t Die, which gets Grey’s projected series off to a flying start, is assured, convincing and especially good on the contentious areas of contributory negligence and the delicate – and often dodgy – nature of the relationship between the police and the press. More, please.” The Guardian

“Grace is an attractive heroine, her vulnerability and professionalism equally credible … This is an absorbing, well-written whodunnit set in a corner of the world as it actually is in the year 2012.” The Literary Review“This is a … novel that is absolutely convincing, sad, touching – and horrifying too.” BookOxygen“…the writing is fluid and enthralling … Fisher is a great heroine — resourceful and resilient — and there’s a terrific and believable, supporting cast.” CrimeThrillerFella“…top notch crime fiction …there is a beauty in the writing and a definite addictive quality to it which keeps you turning the pages … a superb example of its kind” Liz Loves Books“For anyone who thinks that the good old police procedural has had its day, think again.” Cleopatra Loves Books“Isabelle Grey’s credentials as a television writer shine through in this crime novel, which kept me on the edge of my seat right to the end … For me, the star of Good Girls Don’t Die was Ivo, the cynical hack in search of a story. I found his chapters addictive, and … Ivo’s relationships with the officers involved in the investigation added a superb dimension to the structure of this novel.” Clare Mackintosh“The character of Grace is well developed and we learn so much about her yet there’s still stuff we don’t know. She’s somewhat of a lost soul and given her past I am rooting for her to find the happiness she so obviously craves … The characters, the setting, the storytelling and the writing are just too good for this not to be a series.” Book Addict Shaun“Good Girls Don’t Die is a thrilling read that will leave you wanting much more of Grace Fisher.” WeLoveThisBook

“Cracking thriller from a Midsomer Murders screenwriter.” Peterborough Telegraph

“A good plot with lots of tension and drama throughout.” Thecrimewarp

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untitled“A moving novel, as a well as a convincing one, and it shows with great clarity how past crimes and well-meaning manipulation damage families for years afterwards.” BookOxygen

“A compelling read full of page-turning mystery and intrigue. This book will have you doubting yourself, changing your theories and looking at things from different angles.” I Heart Books!

“An enthralling and often surprising journey for both the character and the reader.” Page to Stage Reviews

“Tessa’s journey of self discovery is page-turning … a surprising and enthralling read.” Novelicious

The Bad Mother is about secrets, the holding apart, a family scarred … and how that passes on to the next generation … the relationships and the building tension/suspense are fabulous.” Jera’s Jamboree

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Reviews of OUT OF SIGHT

Out of Sight PbClever, and utterly original.” Beginner’s Pluck, Sue Leonard, Irish Examiner

‘A gripping tale … she slackens and tightens tension with perfect timing.’ JESSICA MANN The Literary Review

‘In her portrait of a damaged man’s journey towards redemption, Isabelle Grey builds the emotional suspense with white-hot intensity and truthfulness.’ ELIZABETH BUCHAN

‘… a generous, moving and well-crafted novel, where food, France and feelings are all tenderly evoked.’ A.N. WILSON Reader’s Digest

‘… this well-plotted debut novel … is good at ratcheting up tension … the subject matter is fascinating.’ The Daily Mail

‘An engrossing psychological portrait of a deeply damaged man and of the women who try to love him.’ N.J. COOPER

“This compelling psychological novel explores how the restorative power of love can, in time, begin to heal.” Good Book Guide

Well-written and fast-flowing.” Book After Book

It is a credit to this debut novel that the plot, involving a tricky subject for a new writer, never falls into cliché.” Crime Squad

Extremely skilful building of narrative, and emotional, tension.” Charles Lambert

“The reader is taken on a psychological and very emotional journey alongside these brilliantly portrayed characters… This is a debut novel that has provoked all sorts of emotions in me and will stay with me for a long time.” Jera’s Jamboree

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Reviews of ‘Tina’s Story’: ACCUSED, BBC One, 9pm 4 September 2012

“The final episode of the series tonight should not be missed under any circumstances… It is the most moving and powerful drama on television in a long time. 5 stars.” David Chater, The Times

“Must-see TV – This cracking series ends tonight with a powerful and upsetting story …” Jim Shelley, The Mirror

“… a gripping series finale.” Sally Kinnes, The Sunday Times

“… by the end you may be in pieces.” Radio Times

“… Jimmy McGovern’s exemplary, morally-taxing, emotionally-devouring series of short stories … asked … what price are we prepared to pay for telling the truth? 5 stars.” Andrew Billen, The Times

” … this flawless, spectacular series … Drama of the highest calibre, which isn’t afraid of exploring the evil in people while also, somehow, emphasising the good. Jimmy McGovern really knows how to touch the soul.” TV Times

“… compelling, urgent drama.” Time Out

“Saving the best for last … a fitting finale to a fine series.” Caroline Frost, Huffington Post

“… such a searing and darkly truthful delight.” Euan Ferguson, The Observer

” … grim, desolate – and compelling… The performances were all brilliant, but in particular Maxwell Martin managed to make Tina both vulnerable and implacable.” Tim Dowling, The Guardian

Accused has added a new variation to television’s continuing exploration of the question mark hook… Accused cleverly trades on the seductive power of Whatthehelldidtheydo.” Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent

“Anna Maxwell Martin was outstanding as the suffering, struggling prison guard, forever trying to do right but forever finding things spiralling out of control…. Overall, the second series of The Accused stood head and shoulders above any other British drama I have seen on television this year… Showing a gentle touch and a fine understanding of the complexity of criminality that goes where few dare to tread, it provided four weeks of uncomfortable, difficult, yet utterly essential viewing… There can be no doubt that… BAFTAs are on their way.” Thom Kennedy, Shropshire Star

“It has been a great series, exquisitely written and masterfully acted.” Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“I’ve been completely entranced by this entire series of Accused … Tina’s story was the best of the bunch … the most gripping instalment of the four packed with great performances and a sinister setting but most importantly another character who you really wanted to root for throughout the episode.” UnrealityPrimeTime

“Full marks for everyone involved in this week’s production, from writers Isabelle Grey and Jimmy McGovern to director Ashley Pearce; this was an absolutely compelling piece of quality drama.” TheBlogofDelights

“… surprisingly disturbing … 5 stars.” OnTheBox

“… possibly my favourite episode of Accused.” theCustardTV

“…it could well be one of the best so far… Bravo.” DorkAdore

“… ‘Tina’s Story’ was another profound, supremely written, supremely acted hour of television …” TheYorker

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TV Times

Radio Times

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